Carbon 14 dating bomb curve

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Radioisotope analysis Cerling and his colleagues applied a forensic science method to objectively estimate the age of samples in seized ivory shipments—radiocarbon dating.

Aboveground atomic testing in the 1960s doubled the concentration of radioactive carbon-14 in the atmosphere.

“There is no other way to get such intelligence without a technique like bomb-curve radiocarbon dating.” Combining Cerling’s radiocarbon data with Wasser’s genetic analysis to determine the geographic origin of the ivory, the researchers were able to construct a picture of which regions have established rapid pipelines to get poached ivory to market.

In the study, seized ivory is classified as either originating in East Africa, in the Tridom region of west-central Africa, West Africa or Zambia.

“If all of the seizures are really recent, within the past two to three years, we can use that to determine the overall killing rate of elephants is in Africa,” Cerling says.

It is vital to stop the killing of elephants for their ivory, a feat made more difficult by the emergence of Asian markets within the last two decades.

“This work demonstrates that little or no ‘old’ ivory, like that held in government stockpiles, is ending up on the black market, which is good news for the security and monitoring of those stockpiles,” Chesson says.It was an excellent illustration of the over-investments in technology with diminishing returns that are dragging us into collapse and of the attendant techno-narcissism that afflicts the supposedly thinking class in this society, who absolutely don’t get what this collapse is about.The more computer magic Hollywood drags into the picture, the less coherent their story-telling gets.Allen Family Foundation, and from Save the Elephants’ and Wildlife Conservation’s “Elephant Crisis Fund.” The full study can be found see what kind of future the Hollywood dream-shop is serving up these days.

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