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To ensure you have sufficient lead-time, you should ideally start planning 12 months in advance of the event.

If you only have six months or less, you can still pull it off but you may need to adjust your timeline accordingly.

Include a page that reflects back to the time when you graduated.

It’s very easy to find pictures and information for the year that you graduated on sites like,, and other encyclopediarelated websites.

The suggestions in this book apply to a reunion with as little as 50 classmates or more than 500, and they are valid if you are planning a 5-year reunion or a 50-year reunion.

STEP 4: Take A Trip To Your Old School Going back to your high school will achieve several objectives, some of which will be immediately useful and others that will help you later on.

The best way to correspond with classmates is through a reunion website that acts as a communications center where you can disseminate important reunion details, collect information, sell tickets, create a buzz, and so much more.

In the past, creating a website required someone with the technical knowledge and skills of an experienced computer programmer.

This requires that someone take the initiative to get the ball rolling (which is most likely you, if you are reading this book! This may seem like an obvious step, but some people overlook it and jump right into the actual planning before having addressed this fundamental point.

To know if you have the prerequisites for a successful reunion, you should know if you will be able to form a committee.

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