Online dating 1st email tips for prospecting

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Too many follow up emails look like clones of each other.

And I don’t just mean that salespeople are all using the same crummy follow up templates.

The emails in their own sequences are so repetitive that each of their touches actually look the same.

That’s because everyone is copy and pasting the same crappy canned templates that someone wrote decades ago, before we had so many countless sales tools at our fingertips.

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Sure, you might get lucky and hit the target, but chances are you’ll just waste your turn swinging your arms about in the air. Asking for a demo before you’ve explained anything about your product is a huge turn off, like taking your pants off at the restaurant during your first date.How much time do you spend thinking about following up with your sales prospects?Do you take the time to create thoughtful and unique responses to reach back out to your prospects, or do you just mindlessly send them canned garbage?Persistence is important, but hammering your prospects over the head with the same obnoxious, “Hey, I’m following up” message won’t win you any deals, and becomes really annoying pretty fast.Your last touch point is as important as the first cold email you send, so if you’re going to send multiple cold emails, put some thought into every email you send out.

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