Sharepoint 2010 web analytics reporting database not updating Adult action web cam

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If you just restart the timer service, then run the data import timer job, you can watch the .usage logs magically disappear.As I outline below, the cause of this turned out to be installing updates 2775511 or 2682011.

We installed Sharepoint Web Analytics some days ago (separated application pool). Here are some possible reasons: (1) Web Analytics has not been enabled long enough to generate data; (2) There is insufficient data to generate this report; (3) Data logging required for this report might not be enabled; (4) Data aggregation might not be enabled at the level required for this report.

If’ it’s a error 5, that means access denied and it’s like permissions with the WSS_WPG and other groups on the server as discussed here.

If it’s the 00000020 code, you are likely facing the issue we’re discussing here.

Traffic and Search data still empty : last time i had a problem i wrote the following steps.

maybe they can help 1) create the web analytics service application enable "web analytics data processing service" and "web analytics web service" services on the application server where analytics will run 3) make sure reporting account is a member of the farm administrators group In Central Administration, on the Home page, click Monitoring.

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