Speed friendship dating questions publicatiile online dating

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You will find significant compatibility with persons having a predominance in the same element as yourself.If your partner is not of the same element as yourself, you must become familiar and tolerant of the differences that should be expected.There is tendency toward affinity within the elements.

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If you haven't read about elements yet, you may wish to visit that page now to get up to speed.

But the Sun sign is only one indicator of which element will be strongest in an individual.

Each of the planets is in one or another of the signs, and often the planets out weigh the Sun in importance.

The ascendant degree on cusp of your first house begins the series of twelve houses and determines, to a large extent, the sign that will be on the cusp of each of the eleven remaining houses.

The ideal match for you is the personality type denoted by the sign on the cusp of the descendant.

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