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If you are worried about the Euro weakening even further against Sterling – you can reserve an exchange rate up to a year in advance.

This is useful when money is tied up in a fixed rate account or in a property.

But when you see the difference in the you will get after the exchange – it could easily amount to hundreds of pounds.

If you just compare the raw exchange rates – the difference in those figures may look insignificant and you may feel it’s not worth the bit of extra hassle.

The financial turmoil in Ireland and other parts of the Eurozone in recent years resulted in some Irish people withdrawing Euros from their Irish savings accounts and transferring it into other currencies – mainly Sterling .

We did see an increase in visitors to this site searching for information about opening a UK bank account from Ireland .

You can send Euros and it will be converted into Sterling by the UK bank.

But don’t go drawing out hundreds of Pounds in cash at an ATM.

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