Updating ata controller firmware

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If you have already installed your drive and the capacity lists as 137,438,953,472 bytes (137 GB or 128 GB), please follow one of the workarounds below to make use of the remaining space.

Generally, firmware updates are provided only when a firmware update is required to resolve a specific issue.

See the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for more information: In order for Windows 2000 and Windows XP to detect the full capacity of a drive larger than 137 GB during installation, the operating system CD will need the correct service pack integrated (see above for correct service pack) into the CD.

To obtain a Microsoft Windows operating system CD with the latest service pack integrated into the CD, you will need to contact Microsoft (if the CD was purchased separate from the system) or your system manufacturer (if the OS came preinstalled).

If your system is not listed on the compatibility document for a certain drive, try contacting the system manufacturer to see if they have performed any compatibility testing.

If you are experiencing problems with your drive or would just like to test the drive’s integrity, download and run the HGST Drive Fitness Test.

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